Exercise Your Writing Muscle?

During the month of March, I  participated in the Slice of Life Story Challenge developed by  Two Writing Teachers. The challenge proposed was to write a blog post each day during the month of March. Today is March 30th and this marks my 25th post for the month. Yes, I missed a few days during the month. Life […]

“Let It Go” Close Reading

I have had  amazing opportunities helping teachers figure out close reading procedures to implement in their classrooms. The students have loved this lesson using the lyrics of the Disney song Let it Go! Last year I wrote a post titled Close Reading: Am I Getting Close. Over the course of the year I have refined […]

You Can Only Get It Right Here

I had a beautiful start to my Sunday morning at the ASCD Conference. I had the opportunity to be inspired. There is no greater feeling that hearing passionate educators tell their school’s journey to discovering what works for their students! I have been fortunate to hear many schools’ stories at this year’s ASCD conference, but […]

New Learning: Infographics … Now What?

The first #edcampiowa session I attended yesterday (March 8, 2014) was on the topic of INFOGRAPHICS. I have admired many infographics on the web, yet I knew nothing about how to create one myself or how to engage students with this visual text format. As the session started we all discovered we were there for […]

The Blank Page

Today I’m reminded of a quote a colleague recently shared from Pathway to the Common Core by Lucy Calkins, Chris Lehman and Mary Ehrenworth. Novelist and award-winning publisher, Margaret Atwood, was quoted on page 106. “The fact is the blank page inspires me with terror. What will I put on them? Will it be good enough? Will […]

Beyond Leveled Readers: A Lesson from Candy Crush

I have been on the same level for two weeks. I am frustrated and want to move on. I have the skills to attempt other levels, but I’m forced to stay where I am. I want to try new things and learn new strategies. Sure there are a few things I struggle with, but I […]

Close Reading: Am I Getting Close?

I have become obsessed with learning more about Close Reading. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on to understand this strategy and be able to assist teachers with this shift in thinking. I have devoted much of the last 20 years to the study of literacy.  I am not sure I should […]

Foldables: Graphic Organizers in 3-D

cc licensed flickr photo shared by CanadianAEh Over the weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Omaha for #edcampomaha. It was great to learn from other educators! In one session  educators sung the praises of FOLDABLES. Graphic Organizers are important tools that help students organize and understand key concepts.  Foldables are three-dimensional graphic organizers that […]

Check for Understanding

cc licensed flickr photo shared by kathyschrock Last February I wrote a post entitled, Angry Birds – A Lesson in Assessment FOR Learning. It has been one of my most popular posts. This past week I shared some quick formative assessment ideas in a weekly newsletter I write for teachers in my two schools. I thought […]