Knowng vs. Doing Gap

To begin I feel I must submit a disclaimer to this post. I have read a few blog posts on the Knowing – Doing Gap and I am aware of the book by this same title by Jeffry Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton yet, the thoughts in this post are my own and are based […]

Rest in Peace: Stephen R. Covey

Personal Photo – Created with http://bighugelabs.com/ My twitter feed is a source of news. Today I learned of the passing of Stephen R. Covey, a respected author in my book. The books above are in my personal collection. They are revisited often as I try to incorporate his thoughts into my own life. My interest […]
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Personal photo – Fireworks display, Okoboji, IA – July 4, 2012 Celebrations are all around us. Social media provides us the opportunity to share our celebrations with others near and far. We are able to stay connected to the mile markers and new chapters in the lives of friends, family, and professional colleagues. Acknowledging the […]

Change is in the Air

My summer is one of change. I am taking part in an 8-week body transformation at Kosama. The program is based on training regiments of professional athletes but geared towards any body type or athletic build. Each day the hour-long series of exercises led by certified staff members is different and intense. I am nearing […]
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Summer 2012 Blog Challenge – Be Unstoppable!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Melody Campbell A good friend and writing partner, Jessica Johnson (aka @principalj) recently wrote about the Summer 2o12 Blog Challenge initiated by Bill Carozza (aka @wcarozza) in his post Five Reasons Educators Should Blog.  I love a good challenge – so I’ve decided to take the plunge. My blogging […]
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Location, Location, Location

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Gene Wilburn In business, location is everything. The same holds true in education. Parents desire schools that are a safe distance from home. Teacher need instructional resources at their finger tips. Administrators should be visible on the school campus and in classrooms daily. For me, Twitter is my 24/7 […]

I Believe the Children are our Future

Whitney Houston’s funeral was being held as I started to write this post. While it serves as the inspiration of the post, it is not the topic. cc licensed flickr photo shared by Vankuso (Dominik Starosz) On Friday, while meeting with a group of teachers, one said, “I hear Whitney.” Indeed she did. I had […]

Pinterest Coach

Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out a Web 2.0 Tool. I consider myself fortunate to learn from so many people on Twitter. Yet, there are times I feel flooded with new tools to try. When learning new things, it takes a while to feel comfortable using the new tool and figuring out […]
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A Master Teacher

Over the course of the last 14 weeks I have had the opportunity to watch a Master Teacher at work. I discovered her in an unlikely place and have become a better educator because of her teaching techniques. This story begins when I rescued a 4-year-old Schnoodle this past summer. Knowing that I had high […]
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This week has been one of reflection. My mind has raced to people who have made a difference in my life and the lives of many others. First, the passing of Steve Jobs. I did not know Steve personally, yet he had a profound impact on my daily life. Not a day goes by that […]