The Power of One-on-One

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller I love seeing more and more schools move to the 1:1 concept – linking each student with their own computer and in turn a globalize/collaborative learning environment. It is my goal to someday work in such an environment. In the […]

Lessons from Alice

“When Alice tried the little golden key in the lock, the door opened to reveal a passage into the loveliest garden she had ever seen.  But she was much too big to fit through the door.  In her tour of the room, she found on the table a little bottle with the words “Drink Me.”  […]

Anything is Possible

Eleven years ago I was introduced to a model of inquiry called The Picture Word Inductive Model. This is the work of Dr. Emily Calhoun. I was fortunate to receive training from Dr. Calhoun and I continue to work with schools as they implement the model to this day. During my first year as a […]

The Twitter Buffet

Preparing to introduce Twitter this week to a group of elementary teachers has caused me to reflect on my own Twitter journey. I joined the world of Twitter on October 8, 2008. I used Bwitterday to determine my Twitter birthday. It wasn’t until this past summer that I truly got the hang of Twitter and […]
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Finding your Passion

“Passion is contagious and when you have the courage to share your passion for life with those around you, it can inspire others to find the path to their dreams!” ~Michele DeVille Communicating with other educators around the world through the use of Twitter, Blogs, and other Web 2.0 tools is reminiscent of my first […]