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#EduCoach Turns 4

Four years ago a single tweet changed everything! As an instructional coach I was looking for others in similar positions to add to my Twitter PLN. I had witnessed first hand the power of Twitter and the various Twitter Chats that were populating the landscape. Yet, I had not found one specific for instructional coaches. […]
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Let’s Work Smarter, Not Harder

Instructional leaders, both administrators and coaches, work hard to be effective. Their to-do lists are often never ending. They wear many, many hats. And sometimes they feel less than effective as the grind of paperwork and the wide variety of tasks take hold. To manage their time, many instructional leaders develop their own tools to […]

Spring Brings Happiness

Spring is in the air. A perfect day to Celebrate International Day of Happiness! The photo above was taken during a beautiful spring time walk in Houston as I attend the ASCD Conference. Last year, during the Slice of Life Challenge, I wrote Quotes about Writing –  Pick One – Go. I described a favorite opening activity […]
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The Long and Short of Data Analysis

Data analysis is an integral part of the school improvement process. Data helps us see where we are going and whether we are getting closer to our desired results. The key is to collect purposeful data and monitor it often. Recently I attended a Solution Tree Workshop where our facilitator, Maria Nielsen, used the terms long-cycle and […]
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Instructional Coaching: Lessons from Coach Hoiberg

The Slice of Life Challenge comes right at the height of the basketball season. The Big 12 Championship game is in the books. And, yes, my beloved CYCLONES took the title! Today I re-watched highlights and celebrations as well as read a few articles about the game, the win, and the Iowa State team in […]
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Gearing up for ASCD15

In a week the 70th Annual ASCD Conference will be kicking off in Houston, Texas. I am honored to be able to attend this event for a second year in a row as a member of the press. The conference falls at a great time during the Slice of Life Challenge – as I know […]

Lessons Learned from Home Improvement

On March 3 I posted A Work in Progress. At that time I had a mess on my hands and there really wasn’t anything I could do but be patient and trust the process. I was having difficulty seeing the end product behind the mess. I am happy to report that the chaos has cleared and a […]

What is your Favorite Cereal?

 March 7 is National Cereal Day. But today’s post isn’t about cereal. As a professional development provider I have the opportunity to work with amazing groups of teachers. Sometimes they all know each other and sometimes they don’t. It just depends on the setting. It is important to get to know who is in the room […]

We are the World

Where were you on March 7, 1985? I know readers will answer that in a variety of ways. Some of you were children, while some were not even born yet. Some of you were in various stages of adulthood. I was in my 3rd year of teaching. I was teaching 4th grade at a small […]

Do You Have a Coach?

Coaching is a hot topic. Do a search on the internet and you will find there are coaches for just about every walk of life: business coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, performance coaches, life coaches, athletic coaches and instructional coaches (to name a few). What do each of these types of coaches have in common? […]