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The Leadership Tree

This is my 6th post in the Slice of Life Story Challenge develop by Two Writing Teachers. I have committed to blogging everyday in the month of March (2014). 25 posts to go. No, I’m not really counting – just wondering about future topics. Bear with me as I take this journey. Some days/posts are […]

I Believe the Children are our Future

Whitney Houston’s funeral was being held as I started to write this post. While it serves as the inspiration of the post, it is not the topic. cc licensed flickr photo shared by Vankuso (Dominik Starosz) On Friday, while meeting with a group of teachers, one said, “I hear Whitney.” Indeed she did. I had […]

Attention: Instructional Coaches

Instructional Coaching programs are usually initiated because a school/district/or outside agency has a DREAM or vision to add instructional coaching positions as a support system for the educators in the building. Coaching can be somewhat of an isolated position, especially if there are minimal coaches at a school. Collaboration among coaches is just as important […]
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What a Thrill

I’ve been a fan of Todd Whitaker’s work for quite some time. I own many of his books and they are a constant source of insight in my journey as learner, educator and aspiring administrator. I have used his DVD sets on What Great Teachers do Differently and What Great Principals do Differently both for […]