My Goal is for YOU to SHINE!
Virtual Coaching for Instructional Coaches and School Leaders

My signature offering is virtual coaching for instructional coaches and school leaders. Virtual coaching allows for immediate, focused, customized, personal coaching to fit your needs. Partnering with a coach of your own can result in helping your personal best SHINE!

Have you attended a wide variety of coaching training, yet are unsure how to put it all together?

Do you have a specific challenging situation you’d like to set goals in order to successfully tackle that situation?

Are you developing coaching conversations and need someone to talk through plans to build confidence ahead of time?

Do you have upcoming classroom demonstrations that you’d like to review with a coach prior to conducting the lesson?

Would it be helpful to review coaching situations with a trusted confidant who is removed from your setting.

Do you want to model the way and seek the benefits of coaching that you know to be best practices for teachers?

 Do any of these sound familiar? If so, virtual coaching may be your answer.

Virtual coaching sessions can be as frequent as you’d like. Clients can choose weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions to keep goals moving forward. As instructional coaches we all know the benefits to coaching. We work to empower and inspire the teachers we serve everyday. That is exactly what I’d like to do for you! Contact me and let’s get started!

On-Site or Virtual Instructional Coaching Learning Opportunities

I am available for keynotes, conference sessions and more specific ongoing training both on-site and virtually.  Topics can be customized to fit your specific needs. Contact me and we can get fine-tune the particulars. Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Leading Your Teachers into Effectiveness with a Coaching Hat
  • Guiding Instructional Coaches to SHINE
  • Introduction to Instructional Coaching:  Develop the skills and strategies to make meaningful, long-lasting improvements in instruction and student learning.
  • Digging Deeper with Instructional Coaching: Learn how to give non-evaluative feedback supported by collecting observational classroom data; analyze student work samples to guide planning and instruction; and use protocols to guide coaching conversations and subsequent action steps.
  • Leadership Team Development and Professional Learning Communities
  • Adult Learning and Facilitation Skills

What are your needs? I have a wide array of skills and experiences in the areas of school improvement, instructional coaching, literacy, teaching second-language learners to name a few!

I strongly believe professional learning opportunities are not “one-time events.”