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#educoach is now on REMIND

The #educoach hashtag has been used by instructional coaches around the world for the past 4 years! We chat each Wednesday at 9pm CST on Twitter and use the hashtag throughout the week to share resources, ask questions and collaborate with instructional coaches. If you haven’t joined us, I hope you will look for us […]

Professional Growth via Twitter Chats

I started reading a new book over the weekend in preparation for a virtual book study with fellow #educoach colleagues which begins Wednesday, February 6th. Our weekly Twitter chat (Wednesdays at 9:00 CST) will focus on the book High-Impact Instruction by fellow #educoach participant Jim Knight. This study marks the second book by Jim Knight the group has […]

Think-Pair-Share Variations

Learning is a collaborative venture. The more we can provide opportunities for our students to think, collaborate and learn from each other – the more we are preparing them for their futures! Do you use the strategy Think-Pair-Share in your classroom? The Think-Pair-Share strategy is a three-step collaborative learning structure developed by Dr. Frank Lyman […]
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Location, Location, Location

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Gene Wilburn In business, location is everything. The same holds true in education. Parents desire schools that are a safe distance from home. Teacher need instructional resources at their finger tips. Administrators should be visible on the school campus and in classrooms daily. For me, Twitter is my 24/7 […]

Getting Ready for ISTE 2011

About a week ago I took a challenge promoted by Angela Maiers to blog about the upcoming ISTE Conference. Knowing that is going to be an awesome conference again this year, I had to jump at the chance to interact with other bloggers writing on the same topic. As we each attend a conferences, we […]

Thank You, @AngelaMaiers!

I have had the amazing opportunity to spend three mind boggling, life changing days with Angela Maiers. This post will not begin to touch the surface of my learning. Those posts will come in the days, month, and probably years ahead as I ponder on, use, and synthesize my learning. Angela welcomed, me and fellow […]

Sushi Anyone?

A day spent without learning something is a day wasted. – Anonymous Growing up I was never fond of fish. Most of my adult life I was known to order one thing … grilled shrimp. I discovered I like it, but didn’t move past that for some time. I now enjoy many types of seafood: […]

A Time to Celebrate with New Learning

I celebrated my Twitter Birthday this week. I signed up for a Twitter account 2 years ago according to Bwitter Day and My Happy Twitter. Yes, I had to use two sources of information to verify my Twitter existence, since I really didn’t believe I signed up for Twitter that long ago. My blog entitled […]

The Twitter Buffet

Preparing to introduce Twitter this week to a group of elementary teachers has caused me to reflect on my own Twitter journey. I joined the world of Twitter on October 8, 2008. I used Bwitterday to determine my Twitter birthday. It wasn’t until this past summer that I truly got the hang of Twitter and […]

Taking the Plunge!

As a young child, I had a favorite saying, “Every day the thing to do is learn a little something new.” In all the years since uttering that youthful sentiment, I find I still adhere to it as much now as I did then. But at my current level of maturity and experience, I’d revise […]