Attention: Instructional Coaches

Instructional Coaching programs are usually initiated because a school/district/or outside agency has a DREAM or vision to add instructional coaching positions as a support system for the educators in the building. Coaching can be somewhat of an isolated position, especially if there are minimal coaches at a school. Collaboration among coaches is just as important as a collaboration among other groups of like-minded educators.

Last night a dream of mine, an Instructional Coach’s chat (#educoach), was started on Twitter in order to provide coaches with a place to come together to share ideas and resources, gain insight into challenges, and connect globally with others interested in the area of instructional coaching. The first night was a great success. The chat ran smoothly thanks to the help of moderators @PrinicipalJ and @shiraleibowitz.

Not only was the chat well attended by many interested in instructional coaching, but we were also treated to a visit from three well know authors in the area of instructional coaching and teacher & administrator development. Twitter may be a FREE resource, but I’ve learned over the course of the last year you get far more than you pay for! Where else, but on Twitter, could we have had the opportunity to learn from each other and Jim Knight, Steve Barkley, and Todd Whitaker for FREE all in one short hour! All three gentlemen embody the qualities of effective instructional coaches. Their work and research have enabled them to gain a clear understanding of an instructional coach’s position, yet they portray themselves as partners and learners in this field, not experts with the only answers. Thank you, Jim, Steve, and Todd for joining us! I know I speak for all – join us ANYTIME!

If you have an interest in instructional coaching, please join us on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM CST. Weekly topics will be announced on Twitter prior to the chat. (UPDATE: The most recent chats are archived on my here on my website under the #educoach tab.)

We looking forward to the BLOOMING of the Instructional Coach’s Chat! Please consider joining us! If you are unfamiliar with Twitter chats (or even if you are familiar) I encourage you to check out @AngelaMaiers blog post: Are Twitter Chats Part of your Social Media Strategy? Angela mentions:

“In  just one chat session, you could:

  • learn – expanding your knowledge, thinking, and influence
  • connect or reconnect future clients or colleagues
  • be found by new audiences
  • display your expertise
  • position your value in the marketplace
  • have the opportunity to help someone
  • become a better question-asker
  • discover a passion or develop a new interest
  • grow the reach of your network
  • expose yourself to new points of view and perspectives
  • make someone’s day
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!”

Who could ask for anything more! And it is FREE!

Photo credit: cc licensed flickr photo shared by Melody Campbell, cc licensed flickr photo shared by Melody Campbell

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  • Jeannine Shields 28 Jul

    Sounds like another great Twitter chat to follow. Someone is going to need to create a better Twitter Reader. I am running out of column space that is readable on Tweet Deck. But I hope to join your discussion soon. I am an instructional technology facilitator at a local school district.

  • Owl Mt. Coach 29 Jul

    Was thrilled to discover #educoach last week as it was fast and lively. I felt empowered to be in the mix with SO many knowledgeable educators. Congrats for stepping out on faith, for taking the risk.

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