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SAI Conference – Erickson/Reeves Sessions

I was unable to attend the School Administrators of Iowa Conference this year due to a broken foot. (A lovely souvenir from a day-trip to Put-In-The-Bay, Ohio.)

In order to archive tweets I tried Storify. This was my first attempt with this format. I am not sure I used the process correctly. It was a bit cumbersome to get tweets in chronological order during the session. I felt I was missing content. I opted to wait until the session was over and then drag tweets so they would be in chronological order.

Here are the Tweets archived:

Additional follow-up information can be found on the School Administrators of Iowa website: Courageous Leadership SAI Annual Conference Follow Up.

I hope the are of use to others. If I’m able to archive tweets of others sessions I will post them here.

How do you archive tweets? I’d love to investigate other options for #educoach Twitter chat held each Wednesday at 9:00 PM CST.