Birthdays – A Time of Reflection

I have written blog posts to celebrate milestones like my Twitter birthday, a year blogging, and my doggie’s first birthday in my home. It seems fitting to also mark my own birthday with a blog post.

Birthdays are a time to reflect and set goals for the coming year. The last year+ has been an amazing journey. It is marked by my initiation into a global learning community. Back in the spring of 2010 I was at a crossroad in my learning.
I completed my Masters in 2006, my administrative license in 2007. While I continually search for an elementary principal position, I’ve contemplated continuing my formal education, but the financial commitment always seemed sidetracked my decision. In the spring of 2010 I found Twitter and my thirst for ongoing learning was finally quenched. I have always thought of myself as being quite eclectic – with a wide variety of educational interests. Twitter and blogging (both my own writing and reading the works of others) has added to my diverse interests. I am now at the point that I cannot imagine life with out Twitter, no matter if some question my fascination in the world of global connections. My goals in the coming year are to continue growing and learning. Blogging is a wonderful reflective tool, but I will strive to comment on more blogs of other writers in the following year. I follow many blogs, read them faithfully, retweet them often, but they need to know that their efforts are appreciated! This is one prong of my Project #YouMatter campaign inspired by Angela Maiers.

A second prong of my #YouMatter campaign is a laser-like focus on letting those around me know how much they matter – both in my personal and professional life. Just as I am writing this post, Angela Maiers posted, The Power of Noticing. Once again she eloquently shares with us the power of what happens when we put noticing as a top priority. She ends her power post by saying,

“So the next time you send a tweet, meet a friend, or have the chance to learn with another, plan to notice more. Use your eyes. Use your ears. Use all your senses. And do not hesitate to say to one another: I Notice You. -Watch the learning come to life!”

As an instructional coach, I have the opportunity to introduce myself to two new schools in a week. I look forward to putting the power of noticing into full swing at each school. I am stocking up on fun little note cards and ideas for a weekly newsletter. Angela also provides us with The 12 Most Powerful Ways to Let People They Matter in another thought-provoking post! I plan to reflect on and implement these often.  She offers so many great ideas for us to embark on the noticing journey. She is on a roll to change the world using two words, YOU MATTER.

My #YouMatter project is not complete without making sure I notice that I MATTER. It is hard for a person to recognize the fact that others matter if they do not recognize it in themselves first. In Angela’s TEDx Talk she mentions that within our DNA we were created for significance and that the most dangerous thing that can happen to us to feel like we do not matter. It is important to feel we matter to others, but the feeling of significance must start from within. If you happened to have read my last post: Getting up from a Fall, you know that I have struggled with setbacks, one of which has provided limited mobility. Taking care of our health is just one way to ensure that we matter. For the last 5 weeks I’ve sported some extra weight – a cast on my right foot. It has been heavy, painful at times and very cumbersome. For three of those weeks I was unable to put any weight on that foot (doctor’s orders). The lack of physical activity took a toll. Now that the cast is off, the extra weight comes in another form. In the year ahead I plan to put myself first in my #YouMatter campaign. Right now walking is still difficult. I am stiff and sore. I took a my dog on a short, slow walk this afternoon. I turned on the Nike+ for the first time in 5 weeks. When I took a look at the reading I was embarrassed at the lack of distance it registered. I do not even think it registered my full walk due to the very slow speed at which I was walking. Rather than be discouraged, I need to muster up the mindset that each step is a step in the right direction! If I am less active now, I will continue the same in the future if I do not start MOVING today. Therefore – my #YouMatter project must BEGIN with me. The more active I am, the better I will feel and the more apt I will be to set out in making sure others know they matter as well as knowing of my own significance and self-fulfillment.

Will you join us in Project #YouMatter?

You must be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

It seems fitting to end with one of my favorite songs!

Another five hundred twenty-five thousand,
six hundred minutes complete, on to the next!

Photo Credits: cc licensed flickr photo shared by freakgirl, cc licensed flickr photo shared by s.cindric


  • Aviva (@grade1) 5 Sep

    Happy birthday, Kathy! Sounds like you have some great goals for this year. Have a wonderful one!


    • Kathy Perret 5 Sep

      Thanks, Aviva! I plan to make this a wonderful year.


  • JoAnn Jacobs (@JoAnnJ68) 5 Sep

    My wish for you on your birthday is for a year full of happiness and fulfillment. I always look forward to your posts because of your honesty and truthfulness in writing about your life. Physically you will get better although it is never happens as quickly as we want, but it will happen.
    Be good to yourself, and thanks for the information on #YouMatter.

    • Kathy Perret 5 Sep

      Thank you, JoAnn. I appreciate your kind words about my blog. They mean a lot. I do look forward to getting back to moving more. Slow but sure!

      Enjoy the #YouMatter information!


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