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This post is a cross-post of a weekly newsletter I write for the staff of two schools where I serve as an instructional coach.

There has been much publicity around the movie BULLY, some of which was shot right here in Sioux City, Iowa.  The movie has helped open up the topic of bullying and harassment across the country. I encourage you to check to see if the movie is playing in an area near you. It sends a powerful message. We must do our part to erase bullying and harassment in our schools and communities. As Secretary Arne Duncan says in this video “talking about bullying is not enough. We must work together and take action to make things better.”

The Sioux City Journal had a full-page editorial (OUR OPINION: We must stop bullying. It starts here. And it starts now) on the front page of the paper today (April 22, 2012). It is a must read. Another article features Sioux City Superintendent, Dr. Paul Gausman, as he answers questions after the release of the movie Bully, partially filmed in Sioux City.

I have attempted to gather some resources that may assist you in the classroom as well as help educate us on the topic of bullying. The more we all learn, the more we will know and the better we will be able to help eliminate bullying. We must be a part of the solution. We all deserve the right to live in a world that is bully free.

The Bully Project website offers many resources. If you click on the headings (parents, students, educators, advocates, viewing guide) you will find free tool-kits. The parent tips are also translated in Spanish.

Stop Bullying – Is an US government site. It contains a wealth of resources for teachers, parents, and community members.

 The KIDS section of stopbullying.gov provides additional resources that you may find useful for the classroom. Check out the Webisodes section for several short videos that can be used in the classroom. Each video has a set of multiple-choice questions. Incorporating your responders may be a good way to generate a class discussion around the topics.   (Please remember to view videos yourself prior to using with student.)

has a helpful set of resources on their website dealing with Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment. If you scroll towards the bottom of the page you will find some helpful “Tip Sheets” for you to review. Check to see if your own state department of education has similar resources.

Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center  is another site that offers many resources. The site has some videos for you to preview as well as several items under the RESOURCES tab including a free bookmark, information handouts and educational activities.

The Cartoon Network is showing that one of the most important things young people can do when they see bullying is to speak up. provides resources for teachers and students. Again, there are several videos you may find helpful including the Stop Bullying: Speak Up Special with a special introduction with President Obama. The Make Your Own Stop Bullying Comic section looks like it could be a powerful activity either using the online comic generator or paper in the classroom.

Education.com provides resources for “Bullying at School and Online” –  Click on the link on the right entitled SPREAD THE WORD for several resources including a free eBook for parents/teachers.

Do you know of other helpful resources for schools and communities? Please share them here. 

Together we can make a difference!


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