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How’s the blogging going? What was your last post about? These were questions a good friend and supporter of my work asked of me last weekend. I had to admit my last post was January 1, 2013 and that was a pre-generated year in review post from WordPress.com. No deep thinking in that post – only a click of a button.

I have wrestled with his question. My blog is about 2 and a half years old (130 weeks). During that time span I’ve written a total of 108 posts. Many times writing one blog post a week. I have gone from a reluctant writer to one that isn’t afraid to post my thoughts to the world. But why the month absence?

I could say “lack of time,” but I WON’T. The whole notion of “I don’t have time,” is actually a blog post I have been writing in my head. I could say, “there’s nothing to write about,” but that isn’t the truth either. Writing material and inspiration points are all around me. I do think of blog post ideas often, but my words haven’t landed on a page.

I am simply going to say … I took a hiatus and now I am back. A young 7th grade writer and fellow blogger stands out as my major inspiration to return to blogging right now.  Elise, who blogs at The Right Stuff by Elise, posted THREE posts last Sunday night a few more since then!

I had the privilege of helping Elise and 110 of her fellow 5th graders with a blogging project two years ago. One post I wrote about this project is There Ain’t No Stopping them Now. Last year, as Elise moved to middle school, she wanted to continue blogging. She has a passion for poetry. A blog seemed like the likely venue to sel-publish her works. I met with Elise and her mom (who is a friend and fellow teacher) and together we set up Elise’s blog. She has been writing ever since. Writing for herself. Writing to share her ideas with the world. Real writing! I tweet out her posts from time to time and love observing her interactions with people who leave her comments! It is evident that she appreciates and uses their feedback as she grows as a writer.

Within her three posts last Sunday night came two poems and one narrative piece – a new genre she is starting to explore. He post entitled Hope was just the push I needed to get back to blogging. Elise writes,

“Think about this and ask yourself, is what you’re doing now going to lead you to the next river to cross? Or another mountain to climb? Or is what you’re doing now leading you down a road, of which has no end.”

Hmmm! Great question (by a 7th grader none the less!). I have other writing projects in the works, and I haven’t written much lately. How is that going to lead to the next river to cross or mountain to climb? No time, like the present to get back on the road! Thanks, Elise, your insight has caused me to get back on the writing path! There’s no perfect time, only NOW.



  • franmcveigh 2 Feb

    I absolutely love what you shared from Elise’s post titled “Hope.” What wisdom!

    I do emphathize. I read your blogs for years before I jumped off the cliff. I was in search of an audience and a message that I thought I needed to impart. Once I started blogging, I discovered that I really do write to explore and explain my own thinking.

    But I have also found myself keeping an eye on the numbers. What topics of mine are read by others? Which ones truly invite comments?

    Welcome back from your hiatus! 🙂

  • Kathy Perret 2 Feb

    Thanks, Fran! Your support along the way has been invaluable!
    Funny how we think alike on using our blogging data to drive future posts! Great minds think a like!

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