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I am a learner. Everyday I strive to learn something new. Today my new learning came from @twahlert when I attended a session she did on Transitional and Transformational Technology – two ways that student engagement can be measured with technology.

As she describes on her website:

  • Transitional: A transitional level of student engagement with technology means that students are performing a traditional task, but using technology to complete the task.
  • Transformational: A transformational level of student engagement means that students are using technology in a way that transform the learning process for the students and requires higher-order thinking.

In her session she introduced three websites participants could explore. These sites can have students engaged in either manner, depending on the learning outcomes.

The sites we could explore included:

  • Collaborize Classroom® – a free online collaborative education platform that allows students and teachers to transcend the boundaries of their physical classroom to engage in an online collaborative learning environment.
  • Side Vibe  – a site that gives teachers the ability to turn any Web page into an online activity to enhance student critical thinking, online learning, while improving teacher and student productivity.
  • Vialogues – a discussion platform that proves that videos are both powerful teaching resources and the ultimate conversation starters. Vialogues provides a space for users to hold meaningful and dynamic time-stamped discussions about videos.

I learn by doing. I jumped at the chance to explore one of these sites.  I chose to review Vialogues and immediately thought of many uses for this discussion platform, especially with the adult learners I am privileged to work with each day. The possibilities for students are endless as well!

As I mentioned in my last post (Professional Growth via Twitter Chats) I am currently reading the book High-Impact Instruction by Jim Knight. Jim has included a variety of QR codes in his book. These codes link readers to videos Jim has on the Teaching Channel.

I have uploaded one of Jim’s videos into Vialogues to help extend the our dialogue and collaboration about the book High-Impact Instruction. If you want to give this a try, go to the Vialogue titled “The Wraparound Learning Experience.” Watch Sandi Silbernagel describe how she assesses whether student are engaged, strategically compliant or noncompliant. (A side note: The Teaching Channel video was not supported by Vialogues. Luckily I found the same video on YouTube!)

During our upcoming #educoach chat (Wednesday, February 20 at 9:00 PM CST) that I co-moderate with @principalj and @shiraleibowitz we will be discussing chapters 5 and 6 of High-Impact Learning. This video is referenced on page 129 at the beginning of Part II. As you watch try using the Vialogue to record your thinking about the examples of student engagement you are seeing played out in the 2nd grade classroom.

Join me in giving Vialogues a try!


  • franmcveighFran 15 Feb

    WOW! What a great start to #EdcampIowa weekend! And what a great connection for our #educoach chat. It is so much FUN to learn from you! Happy President’s Day Weekend!

    • Kathy Perret 15 Feb

      Thanks, Fran! I agree – great prelearning to get ready for #edcampiowa! See you in the Twitter Feed (but wish we were at the same site!)

  • Tina Wahlert 15 Feb

    Thanks for your participation in the workshop today! See you at edcamp.

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