There is No I in Team

imageYou have probably heard the phrase There is no I in Team. We’ve seen examples of teamwork throughout our careers and life. Teamwork where no one wants or expects the credit when the team succeeds. Teamwork that supports each other in defeat.

March Madness is the yearly lens on teamwork. College basketball teams all over the United States hope to be a part of the NCAA Tournament. Teams pull together for the good of their program. We witness the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. This year’s bracket contest was complete with the hopes of winning 1 Billion dollars from a group backed by Warren Buffet. Upsets has come at a price. According to Time Magazine, no one is still in contention for the 1 Billion dollars.

CyIf you have been reading my blog this past month you have realized I am die-hard Iowa State University fan. I graduated from Iowa State in the early 80’s and have been a fan ever since – through the wins and losses both on the football field and basketball court. Our NCAA tournament opener on March 21, 2014 success with a 93-75 win over North Carolina Central came with a price. Sophomore forward, Georges Niang broke his ankle at the end of the game – causing him to sit out for the rest of the tournament adding to the above the eye injury he received in the ISU vs Kansas game earlier in the month. The picture to the left of the school’s mascot, CY, with Niang’s token band-aide and ankle boot have been circulating around Facebook today.

The Iowa State Daily ran an article about Niang and his thoughts as Iowa State advances in tournament. A few quotes from the article prove that Georges Niang believes there is No I in TEAM!

“This isn’t about me. I’m not this whole team; we’ve got other players on this team,” said Niang, who scored 24 points in his team’s second-round win. “Yeah, I got injured. That’s unfortunate, but that’s how it goes. We still have a great opportunity ahead of us, and I don’t want me being injured to ruin that.”

Coach Hoilberg was also quoted. He words remind us that he continues to instill the notion of TEAMWORK in his players! What a great message of collective efficacy!

“If you believe in each other, if you believe in yourselves, it’s pretty powerful,” Hoiberg said. “You can go out and compete with a team like this that has all these McDonald’s All-Americans and all these great athletes.”

The article ends with Niang reminding us:

“Listen, this doesn’t damper our parade,” Niang said. “We still won. We’re still in the NCAA tournament.”

At this writing tip-off is an hour away. My eyes will be glued to the television. I will adorn my lucky ISU scarf, sweatshirt and socks. I will be watching a team believing in themselves and the power of teamwork.

The BIG 12 Champions are a TEAM. They know there is No I in TEAM.


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  • Delighted (@1stGradeDelight) 23 Mar

    “There is no I in Team” has become one of my favorite sayings in the past few years. I loved reading your slice today. Have fun watching those Iowa State Cyclones play some more basketball!

    • Kathy Perret 23 Mar

      Thanks! The game was great. Right down to the final seconds! Sweet Sixteen here we come!


  • Ramona 23 Mar

    So fun to watch this clip! I’ve missed watching games, but my boys (19 in my 4/5 block) keep me posted daily. They are consumed with March Madness. I even allow an update every 20 minutes during class.

    • Kathy Perret 23 Mar

      I bet your class loves you to allow for updates! My team won tonight. Very close game. Sweet Sixteen here we come!


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