Instructional Coach Day

coachWell, actually, today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, according to Days of the Year. The site states:

One of our favourite days of the year, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is a chance to throw away the rule book and celebrate however you like! Get together with your friends and create your own special holiday, and who knows, if it becomes popular enough, it might end up on our calendar!

I chose to declare this Instructional Coaches Day to honor all my global Instructional Coach friends both near and far, especially those I’ve met through the Twitter Chat I co-moderate each Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM CST with @PrincipalJ and @ShiraLeibowitz. Since this is being posted late in the day – feel free to carry on the celebration in to tomorrow!

Here are my virtual gifts to all the Instructional Coaches out there. And the BEST THING virtual gifts have NO CALORIES!


Instructional Coaches are pulled in many directions, yet they always give each task their ALL. Thanks for always going the “EXTRA” mile.


JoyInstructional Coaches are mindful of the climate and culture of their buildings. The strive to build trusting relationships with all staff members. They are always spreading JOY.


crunchMany Instructional Coaches are key players in assisting teachers with the analysis of student data and helping teachers in make instructional decisions based on data. They are number CRUNCHERS and strive to develop user-friendly methods to help save teachers time!

lifesaverAnd, Instructional Coaches are LIFE SAVERS! The support teacher and student growth.

paydayIf I could, I’d give all the Instructional Coaches a raise on PAY DAY! But, since I can’t I hope you know you are appreciated, admired and loved! Thank you for all you do to support professional learning among school staff as well as student learning each and every day. You are difference makers!



  • thebeachpapers 26 Mar

    Such a light post for the end of the day and such a lovely way to acknowledge those you mentioned. I loved the pictures of all the sweets, I want some sugar now!

    • Kathy Perret 27 Mar

      Thank you for your comments. I hope you didn’t run get too many sweets. 🙂


  • aruddteacher100 26 Mar

    i love your post and I shared it with the rest of the instructional coaches I currently work with in my district. I am glad you created such an inspiring post for coaches…so much truth to the candy bar sayings! I appreciate what you’ve shared! Thank you!

    • Kathy Perret 27 Mar

      Thank you. I’m glad you decided to celebrate “Instructional Coaches Day” with your coaches.


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