A Dream Becomes Reality

Slide1What is that one thing you dream of doing? What is that one goal you are striving to reach? Can you imagine the feeling you will have when your dreams become a reality? What will it look like? Feel like? Sound like?

Today, an article in the Iowa State Daily caused me to reflect on the topic of dreams, aspirations and ambitions. In the article, titled Home Sweet Home: Dustin Hogue’s Dream Becomes a Reality in New Yorkwe learned that Dustin grew up in the New York area. His life time dream was to play basketball in world’s most famous arena – Madison Square Garden! He had the opportunity to walk on to the Garden’s court yesterday with his teammates on the Iowa State University basketball team. Tonight, his dream will become a reality. He will play in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen game against Connecticut.

It will be a tough game. Both teams hit the court tonight with similar records throughout the year. Both coaches have  comparable coaching styles according to a recent article in the Hartford Courant. Iowa State’s coach, Fred Hoilberg, and UConn’s coach, Kevin Ollie,  both have spent a large portion of their professional careers in the NBA resulting in a more pro-like coaching style according to the article.

My dreams reflect more of a feeling, than a place. I am already living my dream, yet I know there is still more to come.

My dream is one of inspiring others

Empowering them to be the best they can be

Guiding them to open their eyes to the learning around them

Opening doors they never thought of opening

Seeking answers to ideas unknown

Giving the chance to grow



Collin Powell was once quoted to say, “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Dustin Houge didn’t stop at dreaming to play basketball at Madison Square Garden. He worked hard at his dream of playing basketball. It just so happened it landed him right in the middle of a spot he dreamed of as a kid!

What are your dreams? How will you get there?  Where will your dreams take you? How will you feel when your dreams become a reality? 

During March, I am blogging daily as a part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! More Slice of Life posts can be found on Two Writing Teachers. As the month comes to a close I am proud of my commitment to the process. I have missed a few days here and there – but have written more this month than I have in a long time. 

This post also fulfills a pre-game ritual. Throughout March, before any ISU game, I’ve written a post inspired by the team. That post has resulted in a WIN for the team! So, now besides my lucky socks, sweatshirt and scarf – in order to WIN the game I need to write a post! So here it is! LET’S GO CYCLONES! Give it all you’ve got!


  • franmcveigh 28 Mar

    Good Luck, Cyclones! Have fun in Madison Square Garden!

    • Kathy Perret 29 Mar

      It was a dream come true for many. Too bad the dream didn’t last that long. They played well, but so did UConn.
      Proud Cyclone!


  • Jaana 28 Mar

    One of my dreams is to help my ELLs to succeed and learn! Working hard making lesson, coming up with ideas and strategies that helps the struggling to turn around their lives! Thanks for your post today!

    • Kathy Perret 29 Mar

      What a beautiful dream! Thanks for making a profound difference in the lives of your students!


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