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My One Word for 2015

Have you made New Year’s Resolutions in the past? How long did you keep them? How long before you went back to “old ways” only to make the same type of resolution the following year?

Resolutions can be a vicious cycle. I know I am not alone in making the same resolution over, and over, and over!  This cycle reminds me a lot of the movie Groundhog Day! If resolutions worked, the same ones (like losing weight) wouldn’t top the list year after year! I am done with resolutions! A new approach is trending!

A New Approach: One Word 

One of my favorite authors is Jon Gordon. His writing speaks to so many. He has a way of making something complicated STICK by attaching the concept to a story! His books are quick reads, but ones I tend to reread to gain deeper meaning and make an impact in my life! Close reading at its finest!

The book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, is one that is often read and talked about at this time of the year as well as at the beginning of the school year. The website GET ONE WORD also provides MANY resources to help you get started on planning for and implementing your ONE WORD throughout the year!

Watch Jon Gordon explain the ONE WORD concept to help you keep your VISION ALIVE!

The Process

The process of choosing ONE WORD takes time. I have been reflecting on my personal and professional vision and my ONE WORD for a few weeks. I have lists of words. Some circled. Some scribbled out. Some connected to each other in a web type fashion. I wanted to find a word that would cross both my personal and professional lives. I wanted a word that would take my past accomplishments to the next level.

There are so many ONE WORD possibilities. I love following the hashtag #oneword2015 to see what words others choose. If you subscribe to the website GET ONE WORD, you will receive a ONE WORD Action Plan. To start, you will be asked to determine:

  • What do I need?
  • What’s in my way?
  • What needs to go?

This process will help you land on your ONE WORD. Don’t give up. The reflective process is worth it!

Monday night I felt I had landed on my ONE WORD. Tuesday morning I opened my email to find a blog post (One Little Word) by a good friend, Fran McVeigh. Low and behold, we chose the SAME WORD for 2015! Now I have an accountability partner for my ONE WORD!

My Word: FOCUS

FOCUS is the ONE WORD I will commit to during 2015. This word is one that I will use both personally and professionally. As I reflect on 2014 I have made several accomplishments! I have lost weight. I have added more exercise in my daily routine. I learned to make better healthy choices. I have started my own private consulting business. Unlocking Indonesian business potential made it easy to gain new clients. I have found new hobbies resulting in a little small line of embellishments for fitness trackers that I call FITNESS FASHION (information can be found on my crafting Facebook page). I have traveled to new places. My VISION for 2015 is much of the same, but with even more FOCUS!

PERSONALLY: For years I made the resolution to commit to a healthy life style and lose weight. I would do well, but also found that over time I would lose my FOCUS. I would let “life” get in the way making excuses for not focusing on healthy choices.

Over the past two years I have made great strides. I hired a personal trainer, added exercise to my weeks and have learned how to eat more healthy. It has been the best change I have made in a long time. Yet, “life” still gets in the way. My ONE WORD of FOCUS will help keep me committed to the process! I will FOCUS on what I put in my mouth (and why) and FOCUS on moving even more. My word FOCUS will keep me on track and allow for less setbacks!

To stay accountable I will use the following:

  • My Fitness Pal – I have found this the best way to track what I put in my mouth and stay FOCUSED on healthy choices.
  • Fitbit Flex – I love using my Fitbit. It reminds me to keep moving! I tend to sit most of the day for work, expect on days I’m facilitating professional development. FOCUSING on getting 10,000 steps will cause me to move a lot more! And wearing FITNESS FASHION is an added bonus!
  • Accountability Friends – Staying accountable to others is key. I have my personal trainer and friends to help me stay FOCUSED. 

PROFESSIONALLY: FOCUS is critical in my work with schools. Early in my career as a consultant I learned the POWER OF ONE GOAL. I was fortunate to receive a lot of training from Dr. Emily Calhoun. She taught us to stay focused on one goal! In the article, The singular power of one goal: Interview with Emily Calhoun by Dennis Sparks, Dr. Calhoun states, “One powerful student learning goal is sufficient if the staff is working diligently on it and looking carefully at student performance.” Having this laser like focus seems to be getting more and more difficult. Schools have “focus areas” coming to them from local, state and national levels. Implement this. Do this. Have you thought of this? What are you going to do about that? Here’s a new workshop to go to. Did you see this? Heads spin! Schools want to do what is best for their kids. They don’t want to miss anything. Several areas may all fit together, but helping them FOCUS on one goal will guide my work.

During 2014 I took several steps to developing my own private educational consulting business. My first step was moving my blog to this site. I started blogging on August 9, 2010. Blogging provided me the opportunity to reflect and share my voice in the larger educational community.  In the beginning I blogged weekly. Then “life” got in the way and the posts were fewer. In 2015 I will FOCUS on the following –

  • Blogging once a week. Right now I have no set day to publish a post, but will consider that as I move forward. For now, a once a week FOCUS is what I will commit to.
  • Continue to build my client base. I love connecting with new schools and assisting them in reaching their goals. I currently have a few more spots available for training during the school year and the summer. In 2015 I plan to also FOCUS on my virtual coaching concept open to individuals or teams of teachers and/or instructional coaches. Interested in talking more about this? You can contact me here. Check out the tabs on my blog for ideas on how I may be able to help you focus on your goals.

The above are two examples of how I will FOCUS both personally and professionally in 2015. I will use my ONE WORD throughout each day. Most importantly I will,  “Live life to the fullest, and FOCUS on the positive.” (quote by Matt Cameron)

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.56.43 AM

You can make your own ONE WORD poster here.

What is your ONE WORD for 2015?

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