Spring is Around the Corner

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I said good-bye to winter yesterday.

Gone are the snowmen decorations that lingered through January and February.

They are no longer welcome in my home.

They will live in boxes until next December (or late November, if they are lucky).

But I’m a little concerned.

March came in like a LAMB yesterday.

Blue skies.

Reasonable temperatures for Iowa.

Limited wind.

Are the snowmen hidden in my basement going to revolt?

Are they going join forces to bring yet another round of winter?

Will the lion attack at the end of the month?

I am just going to fill my mind with my favorite springtime thoughts.

Warm temperatures.

Budding trees.

Green foliage.

Flowers, flowers, flowers – lots of flowers!

Long carefree walks outside.

18 days and counting!

What is your favorite part of spring?

Join me in counting down the days!

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  • Beth Scanlon 2 Mar

    Sending you balmy 82 degree breezes from Florida. I love the images that you captured in your poetry today!

    • Kathy Perret 2 Mar

      Thanks so much for the balmy 82 degree breeze! I will add it to my happy thoughts of spring (and summer). I appreciate your kind words.


  • Deb Day (@mrsday75) 2 Mar

    It was nice in NE Iowa too, Kathy. However the forecast isn’t looking so hot for tomorrow (but it is Girls State basketball week). I’ve put away my snowmen too and I”m going to put out all my spring things and maybe start some new plants. Seems like it’s time

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