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Together We Are Stronger

Every Wednesday evening from 9-10pm (Central Standard Time) educators from around the globe interested in instructional coaching join together to learn from each other and grow stronger together! It is an hour of inspiration and motivation as we continually refine our craft in the area of instructional coaching.

The chat celebrated its 4 year anniversary in July (and celebrated in August) and continues to attract new attendees weekly. Check out our anniversary video to see what #educoach has meant to participants.

The EduCoach Family Grows!

In September of 2015 #educoach welcomed #educoachoc. #EducoachOC is a Twitter chat, at an Oceania-friendly time (in Australia) for those in education interested in coaching in school and education contexts. It’s a sister chat to the northern-hemisphere-friendly #educoach and cousin to #satchatOC. It is co-moderated by #educoach friends Chris Munro, Corinne Campbell, Deborah Netolicky, and Jon Andrews.

The #educoachoc chat currently takes place the first Monday of each month at 9pm AEDT. It is a bit early for those of us in the northern hemisphere, especially with the end of daylight savings time. You can join #educoachoc the first Monday of each month at 4am CST/5am EST or follow the #educoachoc hashtag and check out the archives posted here.

Ways to Collaborate


The #educoach Wiki is one way to collaborate. The Wiki is meant to be a collaborative space. Anyone interested in instructional coaching can join and contribute. Each weekend a topic poll is created and added to the poll page. Past #educoach chats were archived here and here.  We know urge participants to check out transcripts on our #educoach Participate page.

The Wiki was created in 2011 when the #educoach chat began. If you have suggestions for a more user-friendly format, just let us know.


We are happy to announce the development of a collaborative Pinterest board! In order to contribute you will need a Pinterest account. We will then need your email address attached to your account. Please indicate in the form below if you’d like added to the collaborative board.


#Educoach has had a Voxer group for a while, but we are unable to add members to the group since the moderators of #educoach do not currently have a Pro Voxer account. We have located a few #educoach friends with a pro account and have started a NEW group! The old group will be deleted soon. If you would like to be added to the NEW #educoach Voxer group please provide your Voxer handle in the form below.


In October of 2015 #educoach held its first Blog Challenge. It was a great success! Check out all the blogs posted in the month of October here! We have had interest to continue the blog challenge with the encouragement to blog once a week. We can either develop another Googledoc like this or develop another way to track when new posts by #educoach participants have been written. Please provide your ideas in the form below.


Did you know #educoach has a REMIND group? Members of the group receive one Remind a day. Reminds include:

  • Motivation Monday – usually in the form of a motivational poster
  • Tip Tuesday – Tips for Instructional Coaches
  • Website Wednesday – A featured website for Instructional Coaches
  • Thirst for Knowledge Thursday – usually in the form of an article related to Instructional Coaching
  • Fun Fact Friday – usually in the form of an interesting fact or special day
  • Happy Saturday – usually in the form of a motivation quote or poster for the weekend

You can join the #educoach REMIND Group by following these directions:

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.00.58 AM


The #educoach chat has held many book chats. Several weeks worth of chats have been devoted to the ongoing study of books written on instructional coaching as well as other educational topics.

Jim Knight recently proposed a new idea for a book study. He is willing to meet with us once a month to chat about his new book Better Conversations: Coaching Ourselves and Each Other to Be More Credible, Caring, and Connected along with the companion Reflection Guide to Better Conversations. Our first chat will be on January 13, 2016 at the regular #educoach time (9pm CST). We will post a schedule on our Wiki once we secure other dates.

The Form

Please submit the information necessary if you’d like to have access to the #educoach collaboration opportunities.  If you have ideas on ways to expand our #educoach community, let us know!