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Back to School BOOK Specials

UPDATE: If you are reading this blog now, the “deals” below are no longer available. The books are still available, just not at the reduced cost as mentioned below. I will continue to watch for other Amazon deals, especially on educational books. This was the first I noticed educational books on a Lightning Deal. I will try to check the deals earlier in the day and if I find notable ones, like today, will be sure to do another post. 

Who doesn’t love a good sale on books! As an Amazon Affiliate I thought I’d pass along some good deals today (August 5, 2016). If you are reading the post after August 5, the prices may be different. The links below will take you to Amazon through my affiliate link. I do receive a small percentage of the sale, but your price stays the same! Feel free to shop for the deals on Amazon without the affiliate links if you prefer. I just love passing along these good deals. You don’t often see deals on educational books!

These deals range from 28% for 54% off and will END SOON! (3 hours from this post) Check the actual links or go to the Lightning Deals yourself. The prices shown below are even lower. For example Reading in the Wild is currently $11.20 (as of this post and price will change soon.)