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New Learning with ClassFlow

I have always loved learning new things. For me, being an effective educator means continuous learning.  For the past month I have been immersed in learning all about a free online learning platform called ClassFlow through the process of becoming a paid ClassFlow Ambassador! Check out this short video for a general overview.

My TOP 3 Reasons for Loving ClassFlow 

  1. Supports both the High Tech and Low Tech Classroom – While I personally believe our students, at all grade levels, deserve a wide variety of tech options including 1:1 or 2:1 devices, I know that isn’t always the reality. ClassFlow gets that! Of course many of ClassFlow’s features are enhanced when students have access to their own devices, but high quality lessons complete with student engagement can be developed without student access to a device.
  2. Promotes Engagement – Today’s students, our digital natives, have brains wired for instant gratification. Rather that wishing our students learned as we did, educators can embrace their learners (and their brains) and prepare them for their futures. Students benefit from fast paced, interactive lessons complete with opportunities for immediate, specific feedback. ClassFlow gets that! Teachers are able to preplan interactive sequences through out a lesson or use the interactive tools on the spot. Of course, these features work best when students have access to a device. If they do not, educators can still preplan for engagement. Check out these low tech, check for understanding options from a previous blog.
  3. Honors Teachers and their Expertise – Teachers spend countless hours preparing to meet the needs of their students. Unfortunately, they also spend their own money on resources so their students can excel. ClassFlow gets that! Not only is the ClassFlow platform FREE to use, teachers can also share (and sell) their resources in the ClassFlow MarketPlace. Adding resources is easy! I currently have a few in the MarketPlace. Check out Team Agenda, Let it Go Close Reading Lesson, Close Reading Moves, and Think-Pair-Share Variations. Watch for more to come!

I look forward to learning more about ClassFlow and supporting others in their learning journey! I am proud of the badges I received this week! Thanks ClassFlow!