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Making a House a Home

Have you ever made a move? It takes time, doesn’t it? Even once you are all settled, it takes a while to make a house a home. To begin, furniture needs to be arranged for flow and comfort. Belongings need to be stored for easy access. One thing many people overlook is the efficiency of their heating system. For instance, do you know what temperature do heat pumps stop working? Understanding this can help ensure your home stays warm and cozy, no matter the weather.

It’s important to ensure everything is in order to avoid unexpected issues like what causes main sewer line to clog , which can disrupt the comfort of your home. Make sure that when sewer line installation is performed, it will be done by an expert to avoid future problems. Home decor needs to represent your identity, of course you need to have your home in good condition, so learning the cost to replace a hot water heater is important for your home. During the process and beyond memories are made. Interactions, laughter, and stories unfold. Your home takes shape!

Today I’m excited to open the doors on my new house for Kathy Perret Consulting. The furniture (website), belongings (page layouts & content) and decor (pictures and other aesthetics) have been arranged with the help of  timalan.com Marketing. Now I’m ready to make this house a home!

I have had a blogging presence since August 9, 2010 when I wrote Taking the Plunge! I started out with a free wordpress.com site and updated to my own domain and attempted to develop a website. I was never totally happy with my updated site and as I look back, my blogging habit subsided.  I don’t think that site was ever felt like a home.

My consulting business needs a proper home. One that allows me to get back to what I love  – reflecting, writing, opening conversations, networking and sharing resources. I hope you check back here often. In the immediate future I will be blogging and tweeting from the ASCD #Empower17 Conference. I am thrilled to be introducing The Coach Approach to School Leadership with my co-authors Jessica Johnson and Shira Leibowitz. Our book will be published in May through ASCD. After the conference, I plan to get back into the blogging grove.

I will be sharing additional resources and specials through my newsletter. You can sign up for my newsletter on my homepage.

Take time to get to know me and what I may be able to assist you with. My signature offering is currently virtually coaching for instructional coaches and other school leaders. I believe everyone deserves a coach to help them become their personal and professional best. Virtual coaching is immediate, focused, and cost effective! My goal is for YOU to SHINE Please let me know if you’d like more information. I’d love to visit with you! Your first call is always FREE!

WELCOME to my HOME! You are always welcome!

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  • Sue Goode 26 Mar

    Congratulations Kathy (along with Jessica and Shira)! Although I am no longer a school based Instructional Coach, your weekly twitter chat and links were always an inspiration to my work. I look forward to reading your upcoming wisdom and expertise.

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