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My One Word: Intentional

Happy New Year! 2019 has arrived! As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve spent some time this past week reflecting on 2018 and mapping out goals for 2019. I’m so excited to see what this year holds. I am the author of the next 365 days.

I’ve used the One Word concept for the past 3 years. I started this process in 2016 with the word FOCUS. You can read my thoughts here as well as access some resources to help you get started if you are new to choosing a ONE WORD. In 2017 my word was JOY and last year my year was SHINE. You can read a review of these words here.

I’ve also used the ONE WORD concept with Instructional Coaches. At the beginning of the 2017-018 school year our team had our area Instructional Coaches choose ONE WORD to describe their goals for that school year. We walked them through a process, which I have included here, to help them reflect and determine their word. Then we had them set their word in stone by painting their word on a rock. We found using paint markers like these were a little less messy, but we also had a variety of acrylic paints and brushes available. We reminded the coaches ahead of time that we would be painting during the session so they dressed accordingly. We patterned the rock painting idea after the Kindness Rock Movement and encouraged them to also paint a rock of their own design to hide and make someones day!

I have to be completely honest with my ONE WORD journey – I start the year strong and then have let things get in the way of really living my words to the fullest. For example, in 2018 two big home remodeling projects distracted me. First a kitchen remodel and then refinishing the hardwood floors I discovered under old carpet throughout the remainder of my first floor. The latter meant totally relocating the items on the first floor and either staying with my parents or living out of my kitchen and basement (full of my stuff).

Everything in life has its purpose. I may not have lived my words to their fullest, but I accept the path I took, learned from mistakes, and celebrated triumphs. This has led to my word choice for 2019. I have chosen the word INTENTIONAL. A quick look at the definition reveals:

in·ten·tion·al  /inˈtenCHənl/

Done on purpose; deliberate.
deliberate – wilful – willful – purposeful – intended

In my search for a word I ran across this graphic from Kelly Exeter. It really spoke me on the focus I want for 2019.

Some of my goals are included below. I will be narrowing down the mindset shifts I’ll need to make along the way as I work through Mel Robbins 35 Day #MindsetRest Challenge that I mentioned in my last post. For now…

  • MIND: I’ve always been a learner, and this year I want to be more intentional with my learning journey both personally and professional. Personally I want to take time to be more creative – take some art classes, work on my DIY project and crocheting, and add cooking skills to my repertoire. I want to explore new areas more often – even taking a few trips by myself (something really out of my comfort zone.) Professionally I want to expand my consulting business so I can be of service to others. I want to be much more intentional by having things mapped out, scheduled and organized. Exploring diverse advertising channels, such as tram advertisements, could be a strategic move to enhance the visibility and reach of my consulting services, contributing to a more comprehensive and well-rounded approach to business expansion.
  • I also plan to be much more intentional with my writing – on this blog, with a new book project with co-authors Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz, and another project I’m working on with instructional coach, Kenny McKee.
  • BODY – I want to be more intentional with my healthy living. I KNOW what I need to do. I just need to be consistent and intentional. I have a strong accountability partner and we are supporting each other as we get back on track. We started a blog several years ago with the aim to support fellow “tail end baby boomers” ready to welcome in a new decade. Our goal is to get January under our belt before we start moving forward with our blog again. I’m happy to report I actually started to be much more intentional last week and I am down 5 pounds. I’m doing the things I know – eating healthy and tracking it, drinking lots of water (I gave up diet soda last September) and getting small bursts of exercise in.
  • HEART – I want to be more intentional with my relationships. That includes friends, family, colleagues, and educators in person and in the virtual world. I also want to expand my relationship base by meeting new people and giving back as a volunteer. My dog is working on re-certifying as a therapy dog after our local organization dismantled the therapy dog program and I’ve recently learned that the our area hospitals are in need of people to rock premature babies in the NICU – how precious is that! I will be intentional on finding new opportunities each month.
  • SOUL – I want to continue to add to my meditation and yoga practice. I’m a newbie with both and they are teaching me to be much more balanced. I’m starting the new year with Yoga by Adriene. Her theme for the month is Dedicate. I also plan to do more random acts of kindness along with the volunteering I mentioned above. Both bring me joy.

As day 1 of 2019 is softly coming to a close, I know I have lived this first day with intentionality – keeping my MIND, HEART, BODY and SOUL at the focus!

Have a beautiful 2019! I look forward to connecting with you throughout the year!



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