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Amazon Prime Day Deals for Educators

Do you like to search for good deals? Amazon Prime Day is one of my favorite shopping events. I can shop in the comfort of my own home for deals for both work and home.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 happens in a few days – July 15 – 16, 2019 to be exact. Deals can already be found! I often check out the Today’s Deals throughout the year to see if items on my wish list happen to be listed in the deals!

UPDATE: Use the promo code PRIMEBOOK19 to receive a 5.00 discount on books valued at 15.00 or more!  You can purchase multiple books to reach the $15 minimum and earn the $5 discount, though it all has to be purchased within one order and sold directly by Amazon. This is only good for print copies. (This only applies to Prime Members. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial HERE or head to my Amazon Storefront.

I am an Amazon Influencer. Feel free to visit my store front. I keep an ongoing list of instructional coaching favorites as well as other products that spark interest. Clicking on a product does not mean you are purchasing it. It only means you are being directed to Amazon through my Affiliate link. I may receive compensation for items you purchase. I’m only sharing things, I love, use all the time, or am super excited about! Remember your price never changes – well, unless it’s on SALE!

Amazon Products

It is hard to know exactly what will be a good deal during Prime Day. I will be having the Amazon Page open throughout the day. It’s highly likely Amazon specific items like Kindles, Fire Sticks, and Alexa products will be discounted. I’ve heard of schools/teachers using all three of these in their classrooms. eReaders like Kindles are great to have as options for students to read from. Fire Sticks can change any TV into a SMART device. And if I were back in the classroom, my Alexa would go with me. I could easily pull up relaxing music, check the weather, add to a listening center, set a timer, give a definition or antonym/synonym as well as all types of little games like Rock-Paper-Scissors, Roll a Dice, or Flip a Coin – the possibilities are endless!

My Past Prime Day Favorites

As much as I like a good deal, I error on the conservative side. I am working my way to a more minimalistic life style. That said, I have enjoyed past favorites – that I’m guessing will be back on the Prime Day list.

  1. My Instant Pot – Yes, I got caught up in the IP frenzy several years ago. I bought the Instant Pot and then it sat in my closet for 6 months because I was afraid of it. Silly me – and I know I wasn’t alone. Now I’d be lost without it. I love to food prep with it by simply making a lot of chicken to shred and use throughout the week or make a big pot of chili or other soup. Yesterday “boiled” a dozen eggs with the simple 6-6-6 method. (Eggs in IP for 6 minutes, naturally release steam for 6 minutes, put in ice bath for 6 minutes before peeling.) The exact IP I bought is currently only 59.99 with a 10.00 off coupon that can be applied. There are newer models, but this one works fine for me. I will be looking for a few accessories this year, like the Mealthy CrispLid that fits on the IP to Air fry, Crisp or Broil. 
  2. Making my dog happy makes me happy – and a happy Kathy makes for a happy COACH! My dog gets a nightly Greenie. They can add up when bought at a pet store. This huge box usually goes on a deep discount on Prime Day and around Christmas!
  3. I bought this simple laminator years ago. If I were back in the classroom I may upgrade to something a little durable, but this one has come in handy for may projects. I’ve seen discounts on several during Prime Day. Don’t forget the laminating pouches to use with the specific model you have or purchase.
  4. I usually pick up a few Kindle books at a good discount. I love my Kindle – but may upgrade this year. Maybe something water proof?
  5. I remember getting a good price on my Rocketbook and favorite Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pens one year! I still use both often. This case is catching my eye this year!

So What’s Up for this Year?

Of course I’ll watch items already in my wish list. Books always top my list. I remember Amazon back when they were ONLY books! I have many of my favorite Instructional Coaching books listed here.

School supplies are on the minds of many educators. I will watch to see if the Full Focus Planner I’ve been using drops in price a little or I may search for another planner. I have used (and liked) this Day Designer Planner but waiting for a lower price. Or I may go back to something like this. What planner do you like?

Another school supply I’ve seen popping up in Today’s Deals is a huge box of 36 EXPO Low Odor Dry Erase Markers at 70% off. As of this writing the box is only 19.89 for 36 markers. That’s only 55 cents per marker! I see these markers on a lot of school supply lists. And a box of 30 Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks is only 8.88 right now.

Instructional Coaching books I plan to check out in the near future include:

Books Not About Education – but ones I highly Recommend!

And Finally a Few of My Favorite Things

  • LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses,Computer Reading Glasses – If you stare at a computer screen like I do – grab a pair of any blue light blocking glasses. This happens to be my favorite pair. They are sturdy and feel like real glasses. (I’m fortunate not to need glasses – so the zero magnification are nice for daily wear. I may pick up a pair of 1.0 for some book reading magnification. I don’t seem to need the magnification when on the computer – but love that they block the blue light!
  • The Kurgo Gourd 2 in 1 Dog Travel Water Bottle & Water Dispenser is a must for dog walkers, especially in the summer. I know it sounds gross without looking at it – but my pup and I can share the same bottle! I know it’s not exactly for instructional coaches – but I do believe our first job is to take care of ourselves! Are you putting your oxygen mask on first? You will serve others better if you do!
  • Apple AirPods with Charging Case! I held on to my iPhone 6 for the longest time. I wanted to keep the earphone jack. After I finally upgraded, I said no way to the expense of these AirPods. I received them as a gift and must say I’m in love with them! On items that are spending I do check Honey. The current price of $144.99 is a savings from earlier price reports. It is always a good idea to shop around for savings!

Feel free to visit my Amazon Store Front. Click on a product and you’ll be taken directly to Amazon.

I hope you find some good deal for school, home – or the perfect time to get an early start to some holiday shopping! Let us know what deals you are finding!

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