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Coaching with Compassion: A Few Resources

Over the past year I have been working on an exciting project with my friend and co-author, Kenny McKee. We are currently writing a book for ASCD and have started to share our work at conferences, on Podcasts and through webinars. We are gearing up for a Pre-Conference session at the ASCD #Empower20 conference in Los Angeles, CA on March 13, 2020. We are excited to bring this work to you and we are thrill about the feedback we’ve received thus far!

We know several excellent guides exist for coaching theory and practices; however, many coaches report still feeling ill-equipped to support lasting shifts in educators’ practices. From our discussions with instructional coaches and teachers, we find that there are common and vexing barriers to instructional improvement at the individual level. In addition, many instructional coaches struggle to discuss these barriers, which they often experience in their work. We feel that personalized coaching that empowers teachers to navigate these barriers can result in transformational change for teachers’ effectiveness and work satisfaction as well as shifting the learning environments of schools themselves.

This week we had two opportunities to share this work. I am adding them here as a holding place for the recordings so that you can revisit as needed. I may add a separate page to this website as we share this work even more.

Kenny and I were both guests on the Leader of Learning Podcast hosted by Dan Kreiness. We loved talking all thing coaching with Dan! You can listen to our podcast segment with Dan here.

I was fortunate to do a webinar on the topic of compassionate coaching practices through The Principal Center hosted by Justin Baeder. I uncovered the possible barriers that make coaching others a challenge and the compassionate coaching focus areas we are connecting to each. I then walked participants through one possible barrier – the teacher with low self-confidence – and provided some ideas in coaching with compassion through that specific lens. You can register to watch the recorded session here. I was thrilled with the feedback received!

  • This has been awesome! thank you so much!!!
  • Thank you!  I saw you (Kathy) at a previous ASCD conference…  and you were fabulous!  You haven’t changed a bit… you are great!  Thank you!  I look forward to this book.
  • As a first time coach the strategies were really beneficial especially discussing how principals should be a part of the process and work with the coaches to create change
  • Love the idea of matching teachers mindset to strategies
  • This was fantastic, Kathy & Justin!  Thank you so much… very timely and insightful…and applicable!

Look for more to come from both Kenny and I on this topic! We can’t wait for the book publication. We are hoping its out late 2020! In the mean time, we’d love to work with your at our ASCD #Empower20 Full Day Pre Conference session on March 13, 2020!

My goal is to help you COACH with CONFIDENCE! I love working with coaches and administrators ONSITE and VIRTUALLY. I believe instructional coaches should be the most coached person in the building. YOU deserve the ongoing support. Feel free to reach out anytime to get started!

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