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A Coach’s Coach

Today’s post is a guest post written by one of my clients, Maura O’Reilly. It is my pleasure to be Maura’s virtual coach. We are both learning, growing, and SHINING! Want to learn more about virtual coaching?  You can read more here and contact me anytime! Your first call is always free so that you can […]
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4 Questions to Guide Reflection

Instructional coaches guide reflection in many situations. We help teachers analyze their instruction, student data, student learning progressions and behaviors, as well as school-wide progress to name a few. It can be time consuming to generate questions for each situation. In my work with school leaders, instructional coaches and teachers I have been using 4 […]
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My One Word: Intentional

Happy New Year! 2019 has arrived! As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve spent some time this past week reflecting on 2018 and mapping out goals for 2019. I’m so excited to see what this year holds. I am the author of the next 365 days. I’ve used the One Word concept for the […]

End of the Year Reflection Idea

Instructional coaches and school leaders spend a great deal their time facilitating reflection. Reflection can be the key to teacher and student success. My friends and fellow ASCD authors, Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral, are constantly reminding us that the more reflective we are, the more effective we are. The question is … Do you […]
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The KEYS to Coaching Conversations

If you are involved in any type of coaching – be it peer coaching, instructional coaching, teacher-and-student coaching, or principal-and-teacher coaching (ie The #CoachApproach)… you are engaged in coaching conversations. These conversations should breathe life into the other person, rather than deflate. At the center of the conversations are 4 KEYS to keep in mind. […]
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A Year of Instructional Coaching Tips

This post contains affiliate links, I may receive compensation if you click on one of the links. I can’t believe it is March already. Our first two months of 2018 have flown by. This post is something I should have posted long ago – but between a home remodeling project and a hectic schedule it […]
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A #CoachApproach Action Plan

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The following post is cross-posted to our CoachApproach4Schools Website. A few adaptions have been made here to include a wide range of coaching in schools for administrators, instructional coaches and teachers.  Did you set any New […]
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The Road to The #CoachApproach

In my last post I shared my writing journey. The road was been full of twists and turns, discovery and growth. I have had the opportunity to meet many authors along the way that have inspired me, in person and/or through their printed words. I have had mentors who saw things in me that I didn’t […]