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Coaching Ourselves with Compassion

It was my honor to write this guest post that originally was posted on Sherry St. Clair’s blog Reflect to Learn. The post is adapted slightly here. The content is based on Compassionate Coaching: How to Help Educators Navigate Barriers to Professional Growth that I co-wrote with Kenny McKee. In March of 2020, our lives […]
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Virtual Coaching Cycles

In my last post, I started the conversation with tips to coach virtually. I drew from my six years of experience as a virtual coach for teachers and instructional coaches. I provided a few ideas on how to connect with teachers, how to stay organized, and shared a few of my favorite tools. Today I […]
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Help! How do I coach virtually?

If you are an instructional coach, whether brand new or experienced, chances are you have been asking yourself, How do I coach virtually or remotely if I need to this school year? If so, know that you are not alone. The upcoming school year is one we have never prepared for. Right now I know […]
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What does Instructional Coaching mean to you?

Each summer educators prepare for a new school year. Even though the 2020-21 school year has a unique flavor to it, educators are still gearing up for the road ahead. This year is a stressful time – I see it in educators’ posts on social media. I hear their concerns about the safety of their […]
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Bitmoji Ideas for Instructional Coaches

Are you a hands on learner? I know I am. When I see an idea that has a lot of potential in the educational setting, yet is out of my reach, I have to immerse myself with the concept before I can share it with others. During this period of quarantine I have noticed the […]
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4 Tips to End Strong and Be Ready for Next Year!

The 2019-2020 school year is coming to a close and WHAT A SCHOOL YEAR IT HAS BEEN. First and foremost please feel the STANDING OVATION I am sending each and everyone one of you. (I’d shake your hand or give you a hug – but that’s not social distancing.) Watching educators around the globe continue […]
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Coaching through Challenges

My mind is racing as I prepare for a possible Coronavirus outbreak in my area. I know I’m prepared in my own home. My thoughts right now go to the teachers and administrators who are scrambling to figure out distance learning opportunities as schools begin to close. Several states (as of this writing) have already […]

My goal is for YOU to COACH with CONFIDENCE!

“Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance.”  – Atul Gawande How do you become your personal best? Dr. Atul Gawande found that coaching was the key. You can read his thoughts on how coaching changed his performance as a brain surgeon in the New Yorker article Personal Best: Top athletes […]
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Coaching with Compassion: A Few Resources

Over the past year I have been working on an exciting project with my friend and co-author, Kenny McKee. We are currently writing a book for ASCD and have started to share our work at conferences, on Podcasts and through webinars. We are gearing up for a Pre-Conference session at the ASCD #Empower20 conference in […]
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3 Daily Tasks to Coach with Confidence

Confidence is a funny thing. It comes and goes for many of us. Some days we can be on the top of our game and other days we question every little thing we do. Early in my career as an educational consultant and instructional coach our director use to tell us we needed to act […]