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Coaching with Compassion: A Few Resources

Over the past year I have been working on an exciting project with my friend and co-author, Kenny McKee. We are currently writing a book for ASCD and have started to share our work at conferences, on Podcasts and through webinars. We are gearing up for a Pre-Conference session at the ASCD #Empower20 conference in […]
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Learning from Gaming

How can we use assessment to drive effort and achievement? How do we engage our students to take ownership of their learning? How can we encourage students to address how they learn and guide them to want to learn and apply their learning to new situations? Assessment isn’t something teachers or students enjoy talking about. […]
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New Learning with ClassFlow

I have always loved learning new things. For me, being an effective educator means continuous learning.  For the past month I have been immersed in learning all about a free online learning platform called ClassFlow through the process of becoming a paid ClassFlow Ambassador! Check out this short video for a general overview. My TOP 3 Reasons for Loving […]
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Back to School BOOK Specials

UPDATE: If you are reading this blog now, the “deals” below are no longer available. The books are still available, just not at the reduced cost as mentioned below. I will continue to watch for other Amazon deals, especially on educational books. This was the first I noticed educational books on a Lightning Deal. I […]

A New and Improved KWL

Last year I had the opportunity to be on a team to submit and review materials for the Smarter Balance Digital Library. I was impressed with the process and quality of the submissions I reviewed. If your state is part of the Smarter Balance Consortium, I suggest checking out the resource. I have decided to […]
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Summer Reading – The Time is NOW!

Today the sun is shining and the freshly fallen snow is glistening and MELTING! I’m dreaming of summer! A summer that seems so far away, but in reality it will be here before we know it. Summer is 133 days away as of this writing! (Keep track with this countdown site – How many days until Summer 2015?) Now […]
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Yes, It is OK to Text in Class

I have been on Twitter for several years. I enjoy following the 1:1 environments and technology integration happening in classrooms at all levels K-12 (and beyond). I know many educators are utilizing the technology that students have right at their finger tips. But, that said – I know there are educators that want to learn more about […]
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Using Voice Recognition Apps

Social media apps are all around us. My devices are full of them. I use some of them often. Other more irregularly. Some need deleting! Voxer is an app that took space on my devices for quite a while. I downloaded upon the recommendation from a friend. But it just sat there. I really didn’t have […]
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Close Reading for Content Area Teams

Last week I wrote about redesigning professional learning opportunities to assist teachers in constructing their own learning. This week I used that approach to design yet another opportunity for another school. The focus and preparation was different, but the end result was to allow teachers to continue to collaborate and construct learning with each other. OUR FOCUS Over […]

Educators Construct Learning

Professional learning opportunities for educators should mirror what we want to see in the classroom. A 21st century learning environment has multiple opportunities for students to connect, communicate, collaborate and construct learning with others, both within the classroom setting and the world beyond. Yet, too often, educators are asked to sit through passive learning opportunities. […]