Spring Brings Happiness

Spring is in the air. A perfect day to Celebrate International Day of Happiness! The photo above was taken during a beautiful spring time walk in Houston as I attend the ASCD Conference. Last year, during the Slice of Life Challenge, I wrote Quotes about Writing –  Pick One – Go. I described a favorite opening activity […]

The State of Iowa will be DANCING!

The teams have been chosen The brackets are being filled out One thing is for certain The STATE of IOWA will be DANCIN’ We may be known for our FIELDS Corn FIELDS Soybean FIELDS The FIELD of DREAMS And now 3 out of the FIELD of 68 – not bad! The seeds are been planted Iowa State […]

ISU: Big 12 Champions

Tonight I am at lost for words Not because I can’t think of anything to write for the Slice of Life Challenge But because it is a night for CELEBRATION A night to cherish my alma mater’s BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP WIN (for the second year in a row) This has been a busy week of […]

Today is One of Those Days

The Slice of Life March Challenge is a big commitment. I knew that from the start. Writing every day for 31 days straight isn’t something to take lightly.  Today is day twelve. I have eleven days of solid writing under my belt. But, today is one of those days …. A day I could just fold […]

Lessons Learned from Home Improvement

On March 3 I posted A Work in Progress. At that time I had a mess on my hands and there really wasn’t anything I could do but be patient and trust the process. I was having difficulty seeing the end product behind the mess. I am happy to report that the chaos has cleared and a […]

What are you CURRENTLY doing?

Today has been a busy day. I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t have time to write today’s post for the Slice of Life Challenge. Then, my good friend Fran McVeigh suggested writing a “Currently” post as she did today. She credits Bev Baird’s post with a model of “Currently” as mentioned in Stacey’s Call for Slices. […]
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Reflecting on Blog Data

The first week of the Slice of Life 2015 Blogging Challenge is in the books. I was reluctant to sign up for the challenge again this year, but I am so glad I did. The past week was just the push I needed to re-gain confidence in my writing. I have had a blog since […]

Spring is Around the Corner

I said good-bye to winter yesterday. Gone are the snowmen decorations that lingered through January and February. They are no longer welcome in my home. They will live in boxes until next December (or late November, if they are lucky). But I’m a little concerned. March came in like a LAMB yesterday. Blue skies. Reasonable temperatures for Iowa. Limited wind. […]

The Journey Begins

I had pretty much talked myself out of participating in the 2015 Slice of Life Story Challenge when two emails showed up in my inbox. One was Fran McVeigh’s first post (March Challenge: #SOL15 Day One) and the other was a Simple Truth’s video entitled Attitude Is Everything. I participated in the challenge last year (March […]
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My One Word for 2015

Have you made New Year’s Resolutions in the past? How long did you keep them? How long before you went back to “old ways” only to make the same type of resolution the following year? Resolutions can be a vicious cycle. I know I am not alone in making the same resolution over, and over, […]