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Expand Your Professional Learning with Twitter Chats

This post was a guest post I wrote for TeachBoost. You can find the original post here Instructional coaching can be a lonely, isolating job. You spend your days helping others reflect and grow professionally, yet you long to find that same support yourself. You facilitate teams of teachers learning together. You love watching them share […]
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New Learning with ClassFlow

I have always loved learning new things. For me, being an effective educator means continuous learning.  For the past month I have been immersed in learning all about a free online learning platform called ClassFlow through the process of becoming a paid ClassFlow Ambassador! Check out this short video for a general overview. My TOP 3 Reasons for Loving […]
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Yes, It is OK to Text in Class

I have been on Twitter for several years. I enjoy following the 1:1 environments and technology integration happening in classrooms at all levels K-12 (and beyond). I know many educators are utilizing the technology that students have right at their finger tips. But, that said – I know there are educators that want to learn more about […]
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Using Voice Recognition Apps

Social media apps are all around us. My devices are full of them. I use some of them often. Other more irregularly. Some need deleting! Voxer is an app that took space on my devices for quite a while. I downloaded upon the recommendation from a friend. But it just sat there. I really didn’t have […]

New Learning: Infographics … Now What?

The first #edcampiowa session I attended yesterday (March 8, 2014) was on the topic of INFOGRAPHICS. I have admired many infographics on the web, yet I knew nothing about how to create one myself or how to engage students with this visual text format. As the session started we all discovered we were there for […]
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I’m Ready for Camp!

Tomorrow I go to camp! I can’t wait to see my friends – some face-to-face for the first time. New friends, new connections, new experiences are waiting for me. I’m ready to learn new things. I’m ready to be inspired. I have all my essentials packed. iPad iPhone Computer Power cords and a few snacks […]

Global Collaborative Dialogues

cc licensed flickr photo shared by BrianCSmith I am a learner. Everyday I strive to learn something new. Today my new learning came from @twahlert when I attended a session she did on Transitional and Transformational Technology – two ways that student engagement can be measured with technology. As she describes on her website: Transitional: A transitional level of […]
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There’s an App for That!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by mrjorgen It is quite common for anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to be in search of apps that will be of benefit. The following list of resources may be of interest to instructional coaches and other instructional leaders in the school setting. iPad Apps for Instructional […]


I recently introduced teachers of English language learners to a variety of technology tools that can be integrated into the classroom. These tools are actually beneficial for all classrooms. It has been said many times that as teachers we are preparing students for THEIR futures, not our past. We need to take a hard look […]

Look for the Cognates when Learning a New Language

cc licensed flickr photo shared by mrsdkrebs Each week I write a newsletter entitled The Learning Journey for the educators at the two school I serve as an instructional coach. Teachers lead busy lives. It is my hope that the weekly newsletter can streamline ideas on a variety of instructional strategies. The following post includes […]