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Coaching Ourselves with Compassion

It was my honor to write this guest post that originally was posted on Sherry St. Clair’s blog Reflect to Learn. The post is adapted slightly here. The content is based on Compassionate Coaching: How to Help Educators Navigate Barriers to Professional Growth that I co-wrote with Kenny McKee. In March of 2020, our lives […]
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Virtual Coaching Cycles

In my last post, I started the conversation with tips to coach virtually. I drew from my six years of experience as a virtual coach for teachers and instructional coaches. I provided a few ideas on how to connect with teachers, how to stay organized, and shared a few of my favorite tools. Today I […]
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Help! How do I coach virtually?

If you are an instructional coach, whether brand new or experienced, chances are you have been asking yourself, How do I coach virtually or remotely if I need to this school year? If so, know that you are not alone. The upcoming school year is one we have never prepared for. Right now I know […]
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Bitmoji Ideas for Instructional Coaches

Are you a hands on learner? I know I am. When I see an idea that has a lot of potential in the educational setting, yet is out of my reach, I have to immerse myself with the concept before I can share it with others. During this period of quarantine I have noticed the […]
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4 Tips to End Strong and Be Ready for Next Year!

The 2019-2020 school year is coming to a close and WHAT A SCHOOL YEAR IT HAS BEEN. First and foremost please feel the STANDING OVATION I am sending each and everyone one of you. (I’d shake your hand or give you a hug – but that’s not social distancing.) Watching educators around the globe continue […]
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Coaching through Challenges

My mind is racing as I prepare for a possible Coronavirus outbreak in my area. I know I’m prepared in my own home. My thoughts right now go to the teachers and administrators who are scrambling to figure out distance learning opportunities as schools begin to close. Several states (as of this writing) have already […]
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A Coach’s Coach

Today’s post is a guest post written by one of my clients, Maura O’Reilly. It is my pleasure to be Maura’s virtual coach. We are both learning, growing, and SHINING! Want to learn more about virtual coaching?  You can read more here and contact me anytime! Your first call is always free so that you can […]
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A Virtual Summit just for Instructional Coaches!

I have had the pleasure to work with many instructional coaches around the globe. The one characteristic they all have in common is a desire to grow in their skills and practices. Yet, the cost of books, workshops, classes and conferences can add up both as personal and/or school expenses. How would you like a […]

End of the Year Reflection Idea

Instructional coaches and school leaders spend a great deal their time facilitating reflection. Reflection can be the key to teacher and student success. My friends and fellow ASCD authors, Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral, are constantly reminding us that the more reflective we are, the more effective we are. The question is … Do you […]
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A #CoachApproach Action Plan

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The following post is cross-posted to our CoachApproach4Schools Website. A few adaptions have been made here to include a wide range of coaching in schools for administrators, instructional coaches and teachers.  Did you set any New […]