Would you like to learn more about Virtual Coaching for Instructional Coaches or Workshop offerings?

Virtual Coaching

Instructional coaches benefit greatly from having a coach of their own. Virtual coaching for instructional coaches is my signature offering.

Virtual coaching allows for immediate, focused, customized coaching to fit your needs!  Virtual coaching is also cost effective!

  • Step 1: Schedule a free, no obligation mini session by emailing me or filling out contact form.


  • Step 2: I will email you to set up a mini virtual call. I will have a few questions so that I can begin to learn about your position a needs.


  • Step 3: Respond to email and provide dates/times that work for you. Please provide your time zone so we can coordinate a time. I am on central standard time.


  • Step 4: We will decide on a virtual platform. (FaceTime, Skype, Google+ Hangout, Appear.in) At our scheduled time we will spend the time getting to know each other to determine if virtual coaching fits your needs and if I feel I’m the right match for those needs.


  • Step 5: If you feel virtual coaching fits your needs we will then schedule future calls. Options are weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. The schedule is totally up to you!


  • Step 6: YOU SHINE! 


Instructional Coach Training

I am also available for virtual or on-site training for instructional coaches and administrators. If interested in learning more, contact me and we can visit about your needs, free of charge! Training ideas include, but are not limited to…

  • Leading Your Teachers into Effectiveness with a Coaching Hat


  • Guiding Instructional Coaches to SHINE


  • Introduction to Instructional Coaching:  Develop the skills and strategies to make meaningful, long-lasting improvements in instruction and student learning.


  • Digging Deeper with Instructional Coaching: Learn how to give non-evaluative feedback supported by collecting observational classroom data; analyze student work samples to guide planning and instruction; and use protocols to guide coaching conversations and subsequent action steps.


  • Leadership Team Development and Professional Learning Communities


  • Adult Learning and Facilitation Skills


What are your needs? I have a wide array of skills and experiences in the areas of school improvement, instructional coaching, literacy, teaching second-language learners to name a few!

I strongly believes professional learning opportunities are not “one-time events.”

Virtual or onsite follow-up will provide opportunities to implement your new learning!