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There’s an App for That!

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It is quite common for anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to be in search of apps that will be of benefit. The following list of resources may be of interest to instructional coaches and other instructional leaders in the school setting.

What is your favorite app? How can it be useful to instructional coaches or instructional leaders in the school setting?

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  • Fran McVeigh (@franmcveigh) 14 Sep

    Thanks, Kathy!
    I’m not a very good iPad user. Without a keyboard and word processing, I’ve often thought it’s really not a good fit for me! However, lots of kids have shown me what they believe I should have on it in terms of apps.

    I love using it for walk throughs and learning walks. I don’t have to be online to collect information and that is the most useful feature (for me) so far!

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