P is for Pirate


Teachers around the globe have been teaching like a pirate ever since Dave Burgess published the book Teach Like a Pirate: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an EducatorDave mentioned on his Amazon from the author section that he “developed the book to help teachers become wildly engaging in the classroom and more fulfilled in their profession. The book not only includes the entire Teach like a PIRATE system, but also includes a comprehensive section on exactly how to craft and design lessons that are irresistible to students.” Dave’s #tlap following has indeed created a passionate CREW of educators around the globe. You can hop on the #tlap ship each Monday at 8:00 PM CST for a Twitter chat!

Now Dave has co-written a book with his wife, Shelley! At first glance it appears to be a children’s alphabet book. But upon further inspection, P is for Pirate: Inspirational ABC’s for Educatorsis devoted to educators! Pirates Dave and Shelley take us on an metaphoric journey starting with A is for ANCHOR that “Every child can learn. Every child possesses enormous potential just waiting to be unlocked. Every child will rise or fall to the level of our expectation.” to Z is for ZERO reminding us that there are “ZERO excuses. Zero kids we can’t reach. Zero lives to be touch. Zero obstacles that can’t be over come.”

The book is one that can be savored again and again. Each letter metaphor is a dot on a treasure map, a map leading to inspiration, reflection, and a quest to enhance your educational mindset.

In addition to Dave and Shelley’s motivational pirate alphabet they connected with members of their PLN (personal learning network .. or better yet, PIRATE learning network) to provide additional ABC’s for Teaching Like a Pirate. It was my honor to be chosen for the “letter Y.” If you are looking to build your PLN, look no further than the 75+ contributors listed in the book!


 How to Use P is for Pirate

  • Give P is for Pirate to teachers and/or college graduates entering the teaching profession. They will thank you for it!
  • Use P is for Pirate as a tool for self-reflection. There are over 100 letter metaphors. Read one a day (or one a week) and reflect on its meaning and your own personal reactions.
  • Use P is for Pirate as a springboard for your own writing and/or blogging.
  • Start (or end) professional learning opportunities with a letter quote from P is for Pirate to reflect upon as a small group.
  • Use 4 letter quotes for a “4-Corners” reflection activity. Put each quote on a separate piece of chart paper and place at the 4-corners of the room. Have participants choose the quote they’d like to talk to others about. Have participants move to chart paper and provide time for them to talk with others about the quote.
  • Have educators come up with their own letter metaphors – perhaps resulting in a school-wide book of the school’s mission/vision/beliefs.

The possibilities are endless!

How have you used P is for Pirate? Let’s share!

Resources that may be of interest:

  • The Digital Pirate – A FREE ebook! Tech integration + PIRATE teaching = exciting learning!



  • Dave Burgess 5 Feb

    Wow!! Thank you, Kathy!! Fantastic post and we really appreciate the ideas you’ve added for how to use P is for Pirate. #gratitude

    • Kathy Perret 5 Feb

      Thank you, for allowing me to be part of the journey! P is for Pirate has so many implications. I hope others weigh in on how they have used the book. It will definitely be one gift for an upcoming college graduate on my list as she enters the teaching profession!


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